Current Projects

2014 will be a huge year for Jeff.

- July 2014

He has written and will direct Amos Quebec’s 100th anniversary show, Harricana – Le Spectacle. This Large Scale (Un grand déploiement) show will be presented outdoors on the banks of the Harricana River from the 17th – 26th of July. Produced by Marion Brien, Music composed by Mathieu Campagna, décor by Anick La Bissonnière, lights by Alain Lortie and images from Eric Gagnon - This multi-dimensional show – theatre, music, dance and circus arts will highlight a vast array of Amos talents.
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- September to November 2014

Jeff returns in September to write and direct a new show for Circo Jumbo 2014, produced by the Chile Company Siete. This Circus show, created in association with Joel Bergeron will feature once again the art direction and set design by Patricia Ruel. It will be tour over 40 cities from Columbia, Peru and Chile from September to November 2014.
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- November, 2014

In November his long waited personal multi dimensional creation - RUELLE - will be shown during the OFF CINARS in Montreal in an east end warehouse in Montreal during November 15 – 22nd. Not to be missed.
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Latest Critique

New York Times
March 25, 2013

'Totem' review: "bills itself as “somewhere between science and legend,” (...) the slick choreography and a smattering of vibrant videos sort of reflect that idea. (...) one very sharp show"
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