Creations: Poles
By Pierre-Paul Savoie and Jeff Hall

Virtual dance. Never before seen!

Pôles is a place where dreams and reality meld. It is story for everyone, a view of life and of a human relationship existing beyond a time or place, and which solidly confirms the talent and maturity of the artists and creators involved.

Two beings come face to face at the centre of some fantastic universe and are forced to confront their differences. Marked by duality, fragility and by hope and tolerance, this strange tale unfolds with poetry and with the magic of the soul.


"Timeless," and with one leg in the next century, was the virtual reality of the Canadian PPS Dance Company with Poles, choreographed and performed by P.P. Savoie and Jeff Hall. Layers of images surrounded the two dancers who had restricted themselves to moving on one spot, center stage, from which they erupted or disappeared. Thunders and earthquakes happened around them--technology created even a third dancer--and left me with only admiration for the effects."
-Helma Kloss, Danse Magazine, Feb. 2000
" a remarquable event in multimedia performance."
-Pamela Anthony, The Edmonton Journal, Thursday, Nov. 7,1996
"...and it's the work's intelligence, not it's marvelous special effects, that makes it exceptional."
"As usual, the pair have created a spellbinding work with their inventive staging."
-Pauline Tam, The Ottawa Citizen, Friday June 14, 1996
"...both men are poetry in motion, executing moves with fluid grace."
"...Savoie, Hall, Lemieux and Pilon have achieved a triumph of arts integration and have pointed the way to the future."
-Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail, Friday Sept.20 1996
"And the results is sheer magic."
-Linde Howe-Beck, The Gazette
"...blows away traditional choreography to reveal a whole new world of physical theatre."
-Dave Mabell, The Lethbridge Herald, Sat. Nov. 2, 1996


Pôles is the result of a creative collaboration of several artists. Along with Savoie, Hall and Lemieux, Pilon, Pôles features:

  • Performers Pierre-Paul Savoie and Jeff Hall,
  • the music of Ginette Bertrand ,
  • the set design by Bernard Lagacé,
  • the lighting by Marc Parent,
  • the costumes by Paule-Josée Meunier and
  • Alain Francoeur as assistant director.