Creations: Zaia
By Cirque du Soleil

ZAIA is the most dazzling show ever staged in Asia. This brand new 90-minute mega-production brings together 75 high-calibre artists from all four corners of the globe.

ZAIA is the dream of a young girl who journeys into space on a strange, yet familiar voyage of self-discovery. As she travels, she encounters the beauty of humanity and eventually brings it back with her to share with the inhabitants of earth.

ZAIA presents a young girl's perception of the stars and planets, space and infinity, all populated by a panoply of fantastic, literally out-of-this-world creatures. The title, ZAIA, comes from a Greek name meaning "life" and is also reminiscent of "Gaia," the living, self-aware, spirit of earth.

ZAIA is a show that highlights dance, movement and aerial acrobatics, soaring to the farthest reaches of space and human beauty.


  • Guy Laliberté, Artistic Guide
  • Gilles Ste-Croix, Artistic Guide
  • Neilson Vignola, Director of Creation
  • Gilles Maheu, Writer and Director
  • Guillaume Lord, Set and Props Designer and Theater Concept
  • Dominique Lemieux, Costume Designer
  • Violaine Corradi, Composer and Musical Director
  • Martino Müller, Choreographer
  • Jeff Hall, Acrobatic Choreographer
  • Rob Bollinger, Acrobatic Performance Designer
  • Guy Lemire, Acrobatic Equipment and Rigging Designer
  • Axel Morgenthaler, Lighting Designer
  • Jimmy Lakatos and Raymond Saint-Jean, Projections Designers
  • Steven Dubuc, Sound Designer
  • Nathalie Gagné, Makeup Designer
  • Leonid Leykin, Clown acts Designer