For me, choreography is physical theatre centered around the artists' skills while driven by the emotions of theme. ”
- Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall Jeff Hall has been a performing stage artists, dancer, actor, choreographer and circus director known for blending his spectacular athleticism with his artistic eclecticism, inventively blending humor, dialogue and physical performance together for the past 30 years.

He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University, and toured with Quebec's biggest International companies. He collaborated for more than a decade on the creations, Duodenum, Bagne and Poles with his artistic partner Pierre Paul Savoie gaining international recognition in his own right as a choreographer and director of innovative physical theatre.

His eclectic style gained him a reputation as a theatre director and choreographer stimulated by the essence of context while inspired by scenic design and architectural structure. Never shying away he is instinctively drawn to the unique attributes of each and every performance and performer be it in dance, theatre, film, the circus arts or even sports.

His most recent large-scale choreography's were for the world’s renowned Cirque du Soleil, ZAiA and TOTEM, of which TOTEM is presently touring the world.

His other large-scale stage directions are the immensely successful- DEVDAN, a permanent show performing in Bali 2011. Then he wrote and directed Circo Jumbo 2013, created in Chile, performed to 350,000 people in Peru and Chile and another Circo Jumbo creation in 2014, performed to over 500,000 people with 120 arena shows in Peru, Chile and Columbia.

In July 2014 he wrote and directed Harricana – Le Spectacle, a multi-disciplinary large-scale outdoor performance celebrating the 100th anniversary of Amos Quebec created with 55 artists and performed in front of 20,000 people.

In July 2015 Jeff presented his own creation, Ruelle at Montreal Complement Cirque, a coproduction with his company Hallway Productions and Y2D.

As well in 2015 he re-created with PPS Danse Bange, their landmark show, which had remarkable success, presented in November for the 2015 /16 Danse Danse series.

Jeff was the recipient of the Canadian Choreographic Award Jacqueline Lemieux along with Pierre-Paul Savoie in 1996.

Working with Jeff, as the choreographer for the creation of 2 Cirque du Soleil productions ended up being a great experience at each occasion. His energy, determination, versatility, creativity, involvement, imagination, was greatly appreciated by everyone who had to work with him. ”
- Neilson Vignola, Creation Director, Cirque du Soleil
Jeff really put a soul to the show Devdan. Under his direction, I saw much more dimension with each performer’s movements and in each scene. He is not only creative, he also brings out the best in people. He motivated all the performers at Devdan, which really uplifted their spirits and encouraged them to give their best performance. Jeff is truly a gifted artist who is very talented and passionate about his works. Hiring Jeff to join our team was certainly the best decision I made for the show! ”
- Hengky Hartadi, producer, creative director of the Devdan Show in Bali, Indonesia

Through the years

Jeff's professional career began with many independent choreographers and he eventually found his way to the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault, JOE and Piazza.

  • 1990- 1995: Jeff toured extensively with the Montreal Company Carbone 14, performing in both the show and the film Café des Aveugles, and the show Le Dortoir as well as its award-winning film adaptation by François Girard.
  • 1992-1998: As co-Artistic Director of PPS Danse with Pierre-Paul Savoie, Jeff co-created Bagne, which toured the USA and Europe. He also co-created the multimedia production Pôles, working with visual artists Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon.
  • 1996: Recipient of the Canadian Choreographic Award Jacqueline Lemieux with Pierre-Paul.
  • 1999: Jeff performed in the Swiss collective creation OMA and taught at the École de Cirque de Verdun, creating three annual student shows. He also co-created a highly successful two-hour circus show, Les Écureuils, which has been seen by more than 16,000 children since 2005, and still continues to marvel thousands of children year after year..
  • 2001: Jeff reunited with Carbone 14 as a performer in the 2001 creation Silences et Cris by Gilles Maheu.
  • 2002: He became Gilles Maheu's assistant in Bibliothèque. That same year he assisted renowned director Robert Lepage working on the remounting of Trilogie des Dragons, and Marie Brassard on her La Noirceur, both presented at the Théâtre des Amériques festival in 2003. Since then he has completed a film directing program at l'Institut National de l'Image et du Son (INIS).
  • Jeff hall has received three creation grants from the Canada Council, as well as the prestigious Jacqueline Lemieux Award for choreography. His work has been presented at the Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa, the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse in Montreal, the Dresden Tager der Zeitgenössischen Musik Festival in Germany, the Lisbon Arts Festival Expo 1998, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the Arts Festival of Atlanta.
  • 2005: Jeff started his relationship with the Cirque du Soleil, working as an artistic coach on LOVE. Since his work on LOVE Jeff has worked at Cirque as an Artistic Coach and continued as the Creator/Director/Choreographer of shows at l'École de Cirque de Verdun.
  • 2008: He was acrobatic Choreographer on the Cirque du Soleil Show ZAiA, created in 2008, directed by Gilles Maheu and permanently based in Macao China.
  • 2010: Choreographer for the 2010 Cirque du Soleil show Totem directed by Robert Lepage, which is presently touring the world.
  • 2011: He was the director of the Show Devdan. A permanent show for 35 Indonesian dancers and acrobats steeped in this Asian culture traditions, while juxtaposed with contemporaries staging.
  • 2012: In 2012, during the Festival ‘Quartiers de Danses” Jeff performed Falling, his 1st stage appearance in 10 years.
  • 2013: He wrote and directed Circo Jumbo 2013 created in Chile. Produced by Siete and performed over 100 shows touring Peru and Chile
  • 2014: Jeff has written and will direct Harricana – le Spectacle. A large scale outdoor show with 65 musicians, actors, dancers and circus artists celebrating the 100th anniversary of the town of Amos Quebec.
  • 2014: Jeff returns to Chile for another whole new creation of Circo Jumbo 2014 produced once again by Siete Production.

My contribution as a circus choreographer is to help artistically shape each of the acrobatic numbers into a cohesive and dynamic act – to which the director can add his own personal vision, his color," he says. "I love taking acrobats, many without any previous theatrical experience, into choreographic situations in which their acrobatic skills are harmonized by their individual stage personas. It's a privilege to watch these performers grow as they confront personal and physical risks every day. ”
- Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall
Choréographe (fr)

Jeff Hall Jeffrey Hall est un artiste passionné et accompli des arts de la scène. Danseur, acteur, chorégraphe, metteur en scène et directeur artistique de cirque durant 28 ans, il multiplie ses expériences autant sur les scènes locales qu’internationales, aux côtés des plus grands, mais aussi des artistes de demain. Danse, cinéma, cirque, théâtre, petites scènes, grandes scènes, la ferveur de Jeffrey Hall pour les arts vivants ne s’est jamais estompée.

Reconnu pour son mélange spectaculaire de performance athlétique avec un éclectisme artistique hors pair, il innove en usant de l’humour, des dialogues et de la performance dans un style physique très théâtral. Danseurs, acteurs, athlètes et acrobates de cirque profitent de son expertise de la scène. Jeffrey Hall aime à travailler à partir des singularités de chacun, recherchant l‘essence des situations et les remettant en question par la scène, le design et la structure architecturale.

C’est un titre de Champion Canadien de Frisbee Freestyle remporté en 1989 et 1990 qui le conduit aux arts de la scène et à l’obtention d’un Baccalauréat en Danse contemporaine à l’Université Concordia. Depuis, il n’a jamais cessé de travailler avec des chorégraphes indépendants locaux, ainsi que les grands directeurs québécois de danse, théâtre et cinéma. Le chorégraphe et metteur en scène Pierre-Paul Savoie devient l’un de ses fidèles partenaires artistiques durant plus de 10 ans. Ensemble, ils créent des œuvres qui permettent à Jeff de gagner une reconnaissance internationale à titre de danseur et de chorégraphe. Plus tard, il rejoint Gilles Maheu lors de la création La Bibliothèque, dernière œuvre de Carbone 14, pièce qu’il dirigera lors de sa reprise en 2005. Alors qu’il rejoint en juin 2003 l’équipe de Robert Lepage à titre d’assistant sur la reprise de La Trilogie des dragons, il épaule en même temps la magicienne du théâtre montréalais, Marie Brassard dans la mise en scène de sa production, La noirceur. En 2004, il entre à l’Institut national de l’Image et du Son (INI) où il complète le programme de Direction de film.

En 2008, il travaille sur les chorégraphies de ZAIA pour le Cirque du Soleil, puis celles de TOTEM en 2010, toujours en tournée mondiale. C’est en Indonésie à Bali, en 2011, que Jeffrey Hall prend la direction du spectacle permanent de danse traditionnelle et arts du cirque DEVDAN.

En 2012, après dix ans d’absence, il fait un retour ovationné et touchant à la scène avec la création et l’interprétation de la pièce chorégraphique FALLING.

Par la suite, les créations s’enchainent. En 2013, il écrit et dirige CIRCO JUMBO qui sera présenté devant 350, 000 personnes au Chili et au Pérou. En 2014, c’est devant 500, 000 spectateurs dans 120 arénas au Pérou, au Chili et en Colombie que l’œuvre est applaudie. En juillet 2014, Jeffrey écrit et prend la direction d’ HARRICANA – LE SPECTACLE, une production interdisciplinaire à grand déploiement pour 55 artistes, une célébration incontournable pour le 100e anniversaire de la ville d’Amos en Abiitie. 20,000 personnes ont pu y assister. En juillet 2015, il présente RUELLE au Festival Montréal Complètement Cirque, coproduite avec la compagnie Hallway Productions et Y2D. En 2015, BAGNE est re-créée avec son complice de longue date PPS Danse. Cettrecréation pour la saison 2015-16 de Danse Danse remportera un réel succès et sillonne aujourd’hui les routes du Québec.

Finalement, un peu plus tôt, c’est en 1996, aux côtés de Pierre-Paul Savoie, que Jeff reçoit le prestigieux Prix Jacqueline-Lemieux, prix reconnaissant le travail d’un professionnel de la danse établi qui a apporté une remarquable contribution à la danse au Canada.