Bagne is (...) a slice of life both sensitive and raw – a reminder, in fact, of how fragile life can be. ”

Creations: BAGNE
By Pierre-Paul Savoie and Jeff Hall

BAGNE, originally created in 1993 has been re-created and opened at Place des Arts on October 21st, 2015.

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Bagne speaks of love and of liberty and is a metaphor for physical and psychological imprisonment. It is intense, brutal but not without moments of sheer tenderness.

Bagne is an energetic and all-encompassing work. It is a slice of life both sensitive and raw – a reminder, in fact, of how fragile life can be.


"Bagne is one of the gentlest and least brutal prison pieces to career through New York. It has more on its mind than exploring a threadbare metaphor."
-Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times, October 07, 2000
"Never has the term "slammer" seemed so piquant."
-Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice, Tuesday, Oct 17, 2000
"Il s'agit, ni plus ni moins, d'un must et ce, que vous aimiez la danse, le théâtre, la vie ..."
"Les interprètes transmettent avec une rare sensibilité toute la gamme des émotions."
"... Bagne est une œuvre universelle, qui pourrait être présentée absolument partout et toucher à peu près tout le monde. Chapeau."
- Anne-Marie Lecomte, La Presse, vendredi 11 février 1994
"...une œuvre inestimable, dans le sens économique du terme."
-Valérie Lehman, Le Devoir, Montréal, le 17 mai 1994
" collaboration entre Savoie et Hall se raffine par un scénario puissant, élaboré et bien développé."..."Pierre-Paul Savoie et Jeff Hall ont élaboré une pièce époustouflante..."
-Annie Simard, LE FRANCO, Edmonton, vendredi 22 octobre 1993
"Bagne is the sort of dance-theatre event that comes along all too rarely to remind us that great talent does indeed exist"..."Savoie and Hall's Bagne is a fully realized idea, a rounded whole, the parts are all essential components that complement each other. The show is a must-see."
- Camilla Malashenko, The Gazette, Feb. 11, 1994
"When Savoie and Hall join forces to create a work, the result is invariably dynamite. Bagne, their new collaboration, is no exception."
- Michael Crabb, Arts tonight, Toronto, Feb. 14, 1994
"A brilliant and mesmerizing portrayal of need, isolation and love."
"...the all too rare ability to match skill with intent, and insight with humanity..."
"It was the emotional impact of Bagne that led the near-capacity audience to give the pair a standing ovation."
- Pamela Anthony, The Edmonton Journal, Oct. 9, 1993
"In all aspects, this is a superbly designed show."
- Martin Morrow, Calgary Herald, Nov. 21, 1993
"Worth seeing? A thousand times over."
-Larissa Roque, The Weal, Calgary, Nov.25, 1993
"...une création magistrale."
- Anne Krajewska, Alexandre Carvalho, L'infomane, février 1994
"Ce spectacle est le résultat d'une symbiose parfaite entre tous les créateurs."
-Isabelle Willot, lesoir, Belgique, Mercredi 4 octobre 1995


Bagne is a coproduction of PPS Danse, the National Arts Centre, the Banff Centre for the Arts and Fortune 1000 and was created in collaboration with the Canada Council for the Arts and le Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.

  • Directors, choreography : Pierre-Paul Savoie, Jeff Hall
  • Performers: Male version - Pierre-Paul Savoie, Jeff Hall. Female version - Carole Courtois, Sarah Williams
  • Set Design: Bernard Lagacé
  • Composer: Ginette Bertrand (The music for the Little Waltz was composed by Mireille Demers and is performed by Michael Reinhart.)
  • Light Design: Marc Parent
  • Costumes: Paule-Josée Meunier (male version); Carole Courtois (female version)
  • Assistant to the choreographers: Alain Francoeur
  • Radio Sketch: Gaétan Nadeau, Harry Standjofski, Michoue Sylvain
  • Set construction and mechanical engineering: Tim MacDonald
  • Set Curtain: Bernard Lagacé
  • Floor cloth painted by: Yolande Brouillard
  • Acrobatic consultant: Rénald Bourgeois
  • Technical consultants: Pierre Baril, Robert Berthiaume, Mario Brien, Stéphane Cognac, Tim MacDonald